Welcome to dprogram.com.

is the antidote to the cultural hypnosis and consensus trance that most of us humans often find ourselves immersed in.

As the number of TV channels available to us increases almost in inverse proportion to the quality and intelligence of its content we want dprogram to become more than just a website. In fact dprogram is the first of what will become a new breed of 'Telezines'. Current technology means it's now no longer necessary to compromise intelligence and information as most television executives are obliged to do in order to reach a significant audience.

We hope you will find dprogram to be an entertaining guide to new paradigm thinking and non conformist ideas. We'll feature topics that the mainstream media ignores and bombard you with 'consensus reality' challenging information. We'll develop new ideas, question old beliefs and be uncompromising in our rejection of all forms of cognitive limitations and restraints.

We'll bring together the work of new edge thinkers, from ongoing research into non ordinary states of consciousness to heretical theories about ancient history as well as our post human future.

We are always interested in your views and comments and welcome suggestions for areas of research you think we should be covering for future publication.

dprogram is constantly evolving and some really exciting additions are planned for the coming months so come back soon.

Steven Lee Roberts

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